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Microwave Joining of Ceramics and Composites

Sintered SiC

Sintered SiC; Areas of Interest: Furnace coils for the ethylene industry, retorts for the chemical industry

Reaction-bonded SiC

Reaction-bonded SiC; Areas of Interest: Radiant burner tubes for metal heat-treating, high temperature heat exchangers

SiCf/SiCm Composites;

Areas of Interest: Semiconductor wafer oven furniture, hot sections in aircraft and ground based gas turbine engines, first walls for next generation fusion reactors.

SiCf/SiCm Composites

Ceramic-to-metal and ceramic-to-ceramic: Sapphire to SS, Alumina to Alumina, Aluminum to Alumina,  by e-beam, microwave and induction heating;

Induction Joining